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프로모션 끝나도 시간대 맞춰서 이어나가야겠다 (14 Aug 2022)

그냥 주제없이 프리토킹이 아닌 미리 준비된 수업 플로우를 가지고 아이와 잘 맞춰 나가는 수업이라서 언제나 만족 ^^


화상영어 "플루엔텔라" (30 June 2022)

“이제 코로나가 많이 완화되었지만,

집에서 시원하게 방에앉아 선생님하고 양질의 수업을 할수있단건 정말좋은것같아요.”


The Faux Fluentella Show Episode 5: Spanish Idioms / Expressions (17 June 2022)


#teacherfeature What has Monica been up to recently? (3 January 2022)

On December 16th, 2021, Mónica gave birth to her first child, baby Mía. We are extremely excited to welcome little Mía into the Fluentella Family! Congratulations, Mónica ❤️

Fluentella 화상영어 무료수업(1) 후기 (27 August 2021)

원어민 선생님 만나기 싫다고 거부하던 아이가 벌써 다음 주를 기다리네요. 이 정도면 첫 수업 성공이지 않나요?
“엄마, 제리티쳐 또 만날래!”

Beyers bou brûe (1 September 2020)

Taal word meestal beskou as ’n versperring tussen verskillende kulture, maar Pietie Beyers glo dat dit brûe en middeweë kan bewerkstellig, wat sal lei tot ’n dieper vlak van respek, menslikheid en begrip tussen Suid-Afrikaners. Anke Nothnagel het met hom gesels oor die warmte en vriendelikheid van een van die land se amptelike tale: Zoeloe.

Fluentella – KN Pandemie (28 July 2020)

Pietie Beyers leer só Zulu praat tydens die inperking.

Pietie Beyers is learning Zulu with Fluentella during lockdown.

Volunteering with The Friends of the Children's Hospital Association (18 July 2019)

As the world reflects on Nelson Mandela’s legacy, we give thanks for his life, his leadership and his devotion to humanity and to humanitarian causes.
Marie Teacher spent her #67minutes with The Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association and had an amazing time playing with some of the little patients.

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