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Written by: Albert

Albert is an experienced English teacher hailing from Cape Town, South Africa. With over 5 years of teaching experience, he has honed his skills in educating students of all ages. Albert finds fulfillment in his profession by assisting individuals in learning a new language. With a passion for cultural exchange, he enjoys connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. In his spare time, Albert indulges in waterskiing, photography, baking, and cherishing moments with loved ones.
Albert는 남아프리카 케이프 타운 출신의 경력이 풍부한 선생님입니다. 5년 넘게 가르치며 모든 연령대의 학생들을 교육하는 기술을 연마했습니다. Albert는 개인이 새로운 언어를 배우도록 도와줌으로써 자신의 직업에서 성취감을 얻습니다. 문화 교류에 대한 열정으로 다양한 배경을 가진 사람들과 교류하는 것을 즐깁니다. 여가 시간에는 수상 스키, 사진 찍기, 베이커리, 사랑하는 사람들과의 소중한 순간을 즐기길 좋아합니다.

In August 2023, I was fortunate enough to become a teacher at Fluentella, and I am very excited to meet new students from all around the world to help them practice and improve their English abilities. I can still remember the day my teaching career started back in 2010 as if it were yesterday. I had quit my job as an accountant to go do something exciting, teach English in South Korea, a country that I knew nothing about at the time, but came to love very much over the years that followed. It was quite a big change that I was making and as I was sitting in the airplane, ready for takeoff, I took a moment to grasp the reality of the moment and the decisions I had made, and I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”

It was an experience that had a huge impact on my life. First time abroad.  A different job in a different country with a very different culture, so there were a lot of new experiences and things to get used to. That alone made it very interesting and exciting. Over the next four years, I made some of the best friends from different countries and together we made many memories that will stay with me forever. From drinking too much soju to going to festivals, going on fun road trips across the country to play in mud, and even singing at Korean weddings. Experiencing all of the new things with great friends made it even better. Being a teacher also changed me in more ways than I thought it would, and it taught me how to connect to people on a different level. I worked at a couple of different schools, and at each one, there were moments that I will never forget. It wasn’t just teaching English, I tried to show and teach them some of the things that I have learned in life and share a bit of how life in South Africa is with them. Needless to say, at the end of each year when it was time to come back to South Africa, we almost didn’t have enough tissues to wipe away the tears. Will I ever go back to South Korea to visit? In a heartbeat.

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