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Written by: Sophie

Sophie Zhang is from Liaoning Province in northern China. She earned her masters degree in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Xihua University in 2013. She is currently a classroom English teacher and online Mandarin Teacher. She has her own English classroom in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Sophie adores teaching both English and Mandarin. She prefers making her own lessons depending on the needs and level of each student. She always gives her students enough chance to speak up so that they may develop their confidence in speaking. Learning Mandarin is becoming a trend all over the world. Online Mandarin learning is great fun and very challenging. Let Sophie help you or your child learn Mandarin in her exciting and interactive online classroom!

Why do people study Mandarin?

– it is easier than you think- no tenses, no genders, simple grammar!

– it is spoken by more than a billion people

– it will give you a huge advantage if you need to get into the Chinese job market

– it will enrich your understanding of China’s fascinating culture and history

– it will lower communication barriers between yourself and your Chinese coworkers


YES/NO Questions

Simply add to the end of the statement to turn a statement into a question that has the answer Yes or No.


他会开车吗? tā huì kāi chē ma

Can he drive?


Alternatively, you can repeat the verb (or the first verb in a phrase) in the negative form.

他会不会开车?tā huì bú huì kāi chē  

Can he drive? (She can, can’t drive?)


When the verb is yǒuthe negative form is 没有méi yǒu

你有钱吗?nǐ yǒu qián ma /你有没有钱?nǐ yǒu méi yǒu qián

 Do you have any money?


Replying to Yes/No  questions


To say yes, you can use the verb in the question or reply shì ,对duì ,没错 méi cuò .

To say no, answer with bú+verb  or 不是的bú shì de ,不对bú duì,错cuò.

Try to make your own yes/no question below (in the comments) and we’ll let you know how you did!

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