Halloween Idioms and Phrases

It was a dark and gloomy October’s eve, there we were, three companions lost in the darkness of the cold, damp, eerie night. It was as if the world had fallen silent, nothing was stirring, not even a night owl could be heard hooting. It seemed as though nothing would dare to be out wandering on that faithful night. Just three young fools who could never have imagined that they were digging their own graves.

The chilling atmosphere slowly began to consume us one by one, we turned to each and looked on with dread, something was amiss, we could feel it in our bones. Suddenly, we were completely surrounded by a dark, dense and thick grey fog, we quickly realized that we had lost our way. It is safe to say that we were nothing less than scared stiff.

Tom began to tremble, he is a person who wouldn’t say boo to a ghost and he had reached his wit’s end. “ We must find a way out of here,” he shouted. “Relax, everything is going to be fine!” barked Josh. That was when the foggy mist began to clear and up ahead in the distance we saw what looked like the outline of a building or structure. “Let’s go and see if we can find help,” I cried. 

As we approached the structure, we realized that it was an entire town filled with dark broken-down buildings. There were no people, no cars, nothing! We had discovered a ghost town it seemed. “There’s a hotel, it has a light on inside!” yelled Tom. We immediately made for the hotel.

We entered the hotel and there she was, at first glance, she was drop-dead gorgeous and we instantly fell under her spell. Who was this mysterious girl in the hotel, we wondered. Was she just a very attractive woman working the graveyard shift in a small town? We approached, like rabbits caught in headlights, mesmerized by her beauty. As we got closer I suddenly realized that we had made a grave mistake. “Run…” I bellowed, “before it’s…”

That’s the moment I woke up in a cold sweat and I realized it was all just a ridiculous nightmare.

I said to myself, “Mum was right, no more binge-watching NetFlix before bed for you!”

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