Fluentella tales: episode 8




(plus english idioms related to sport)




The night fell silent and at this stage, I was running on pure adrenaline. I had been able to get to Betty just in time and I managed to leave her hiding in a safe place in the woods, next to a snow-covered ridge. I had to get back to the others, I knew that they were in danger and it was like my old drill sergeant used to tell us “Gentlemen, this is where we separate the men from the boys”. The problem was that I had to get past those guards keeping watch on the perimeter. That was the moment when I saw a sudden flash of light flicker just 5 meters from my position. I threw myself behind a large oak tree and held my breath knowing that just one peep could mean the end of the line.
The smell of cigarette smoke filled the air around me and it took everything I had inside me not to let out a cough. The sound of breaking twigs beneath large military-grade boots was upon me, but to my surprise, the footsteps continued in the opposite direction, then I realized that I had a window of opportunity to get closer to the house, I was on his blindside
I was in full swing  as I leaped through a set of bushes that lay in close proximity to the house, I didn’t want to  go overboard, getting too close would  give the game away  so I needed the right vantage point that had some good cover. They might think that they are professionals, but they definitely aren’t holding all the aces.
As I sat there in the darkness with my full attention and sharp gaze fixed on the house, mulling over my  plan of attack, suddenly, echoes of rapid machine-gun fire bellowed out into the quiet night quickly followed by muzzle flashes, it was coming from inside. That’s when I knew, the time for playing it safe was over, I needed to act quickly. It was  all on the line.
I made a beeline for the basement door, I could see that it was unguarded and it would be my way in…..
To be continued…..

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