March 2024 Update 

2024년 3월 호


News from our teachers


I can hardly believe it… but this month I got married to the most wonderful man in the universe! After months of meticulous planning and preparations, the day turned out just as amazing as I thought it would. Our families and friends jumped in to help with decorating the venues, we had such a fun time with them, and we want to thank each person who contributed and traveled long distances to join us for our wedding.

Our wedding ceremony took place on the beach outside a remote fishing village on the West Coast of South Africa. Some of our family members and friends performed live music for the ceremony, which was just incredible. My three nieces were the cutest flower girls ever, and my nephews had the job of bringing the rings to us at the end of the ceremony. After this, it was photo time and the 120 guests had their canapes and some drinks while the sun was going down over the beach. At 7 PM, the wedding reception began. My best friend and my new brother-in-law made speeches, we had dinner and dessert, and then the party began after we opened the dance floor with our first dance as a married couple. All in all, it was the best weekend of my life. Once I have some pictures, I’ll share them with you!


Head English and Afrikaans Teacher, Fluentella

March was a month that I waited for with much anticipation. Why? On March 23rd, one of my best friends, Marie Teacher, got married. A lot of the guests, including myself, made a whole weekend of the festivities with Marie and her family and arrived on the Friday before. The ceremony on the beach was so beautiful and the reception dinner afterwards was a lot of fun. As I told someone this past week, it had been such a long time before the wedding that I met so many lovely and friendly new people together. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the wedding with Marie and her new husband. They make a great couple and I wish them endless happiness together.

For me, that is what March was about until the wedding. Now it is Easter, and I wish all of you a blessed and happy Easter with family and friends.


English Teacher, Fluentella

The Fluentella Family


Jayden and Marie have been working on his English writing skills and each lesson is full of smiles and laughter.

Featured Fluentella Feed

플루엔텔라 특집 피드

Blog post: Strategies for effective language practice outside the classroom

Learning a new language is an exciting journey filled with challenges and rewards. While classroom instruction provides a solid foundation, true mastery comes from consistent practice outside of formal lessons. In this blog post, we’ll explore some effective strategies to enhance your language skills beyond the confines of the classroom. (written by Albert Teacher)

Tuesday tip for learning Portuguese or any other language:

Choose motivation over interest!

Need is the most important motivator you could ask for – when we actually need a language, we’ll do anything to become fluent. It could be for work, for your partner, or your studies. Whatever the reason, make use of accountability. Let it be known that you’re serious about learning the language. Tell anyone willing to listen and let them hold you accountable. Ask them to enquire about your studies regularly, so that you keep the promise to yourself to become more fluent.” Daniel from Fluentella

What’s happening in APRIL? 

4월의 새 소식

Easter Monday is on April 1st!

“Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday. It marks the second day of Eastertide in Christian traditions. Many people celebrate it as a continuation of Easter festivities.

In some countries, it’s a public holiday, giving families time to relax and enjoy spring activities. Easter Monday traditions vary but may include outdoor sports, egg-rolling contests, and family gatherings.

It is a day shimmering with tradition and joy, celebrated right after Easter Sunday. The exact date dances on the calendar, depending on the lunar cycle.”

Learn more about it here:

April 15th is World Art Day!

“World Art Day is an international celebration of the fine arts. Sponsored by the International Association of Arts (IAA), the goals of this April 15 holiday, are to appreciate art in general and to spread worldwide enthusiasm and awareness for the arts.  Those who choose this career usually begin as struggling artists. They may spend their entire life trying to perfect their work and gain recognition. All too often, an artist’s work does not gain fame until after the artist’s death.

When we think of fine arts, we most often think of painting and sculpture. this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more. Artwork is actually classified into seven categories. They are: Architecture, Cinema, Literature, Music, Painting, Sculpture, and Theater.

There are many easy and enjoyable ways to celebrate and participate in World Art Day. Here are just a few ideas:

  • First and foremost, as individuals or in groups, visit museums and art galleries.
  • Museums and art galleries – offer extended hours today.
  • Museums and art galleries – put on special demos and educational programs.
  • Get the kids involved. Teach them about the different forms of art. Provide them with a hands-on way to experience the creation of artwork.
  • Purchase a piece of artwork for your home or office.
  • Wherever you go, make a conscious effort to be on the lookout for artwork. You will be amazed at how many works of art are prominently displayed, yet you walk by them every day without noticing.
  • Help to support a “starving artist”.

Learn more here:

Celebrate Global Astronomy Month in April!

Interested in learning more about our universe? This month, Global Astronomy Month, is the perfect time to start looking to the stars.

Held every April, Global Astronomy Month aims to get the public interested in astronomy. A flagship program of Astronomers Without Borders, Global Astronomy Month holds a number of programs and events throughout April.” 

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit

Fluentella fun

플루엔텔라 FUN!

Click on the links below to get access to online games, quizzes, and activities, all added here to celebrate the Oscars in March. Each activity has a different level of difficulty.
We hope you enjoy it!



Beginner: Space vocabulary quiz


Match the space-themed vocabulary words to the pictures.



Intermediate: Listening quiz


Listen and learn about superlatives and the planets at the same time!




Advanced: Explore space with NASA


Read, listen, watch, or play games to learn more about outer space!




Adults: Video and listening quiz


Learn about Niel Armstrong by watching the video and completing the quiz.



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