How to use ‘ponto’ and ‘meia’ in Brazil

Written by: Daniel

Hi, everyone! My name is Daniel, I am originally from Brazil. When I was 16, I moved to China for four and a half years. I have an AA in Economics from the US and a B.A. in Accounting from a university in Brazil. I love to teach, especially kids because I love to see how they develop. I’ve taught Mathematics, Physics, Portuguese and English for the past 10 years and I love a new challenge. I am great at playing video games and use games in my lessons to help students enjoy learning even more! I love to see my students applying their knowledge outside the classroom in real-life situations. I can’t wait to meet you and to share my culture and language, Portuguese, with you!

안녕하세요 여러분! 저는 Daniel이라고 합니다. 저는 원래 브라질에서 태어났어요. 제가 16살 때 4년 반 동안 중국에서 지냈어요. 저는 미국 칼리지에서 경제학을 전공하고 브라질의 대학에서 회계학 학사를 취득했어요. 저는 가르치는 것을 너무 사랑해요. 특히 아이들을 가르치며 그들의 발전을 함께 할 수 있는 것이 보람됩니다. 저는 수학, 물리, 포르투갈어 그리고 영어를 10년 동안 가르쳐왔습니다. 새로운 도전을 하는 것을 좋아합니다. 비디오 게임을 잘하고 그것들을 수업 시간에 긍정적인 방향으로 활용하여 학생들이 배우는 것을 더 재미있게 만들어 줍니다! 학생들의 그들이 배운 바를 교실 밖 실제 생활에서 적용하는 것은 너무 뿌듯한 일이죠. 하루바삐 학생들을 만나 제가 속한 문화와 언어, 포르투갈에 대해 공유하고 싶어요!


¡Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Daniel, soy originario de Brasil. Cuando tenía 16 años, me mudé a China durante cuatro años y medio. Tengo un AA en Economía de los Estados Unidos y un B.A. en Contabilidad de una universidad en Brasil. Me apasiona enseñar, especialmente a los niños, porque me encanta ver cómo se desarrollan. He enseñado matemáticas, física, portugués e inglés durante los últimos 10 años y me encantan los nuevos retos ¡Soy genial jugando videojuegos y los uso en mis lecciones para ayudar a los estudiantes a disfrutar aún más mientras aprenden! Me llena de satisfacción ver a mis alumnos aplicar sus conocimientos fuera del aula en situaciones de la vida real ¡Me encantaría conocerte y compartir mi cultura e idioma, el portugués, contigo!



Every language has its own intricacies and peculiarities, and Portuguese is no different.

This can mean that they might be hard to understand at first, but they are also hilarious and easy to learn.


Today, I am going to show you two words that can be used in several situations to improve your Brazilian Portuguese:


Ponto by itself means ‘point’, but it can also mean:

Stitches – “I need to get stitches because of this cut.”

                “Eu tenho que por PONTOS nesse corte.”


Blind Spot – “She has a blind spot when it comes to her sister.”

                “Ela tem um PONTO cego pela sua irmã.”


Bus Stop – “I will wait for you at the bus stop.”

                “Te espero no PONTO de ônibus.”


Score – “What’s the score?”

“Quantos PONTOS?”


Period/Full stop – “You are not going. Period!”

                “Vocênãovai. PONTO!”


Meia by itself has no meaning, you need to have it in a sentence, for instance:

Half a dozen – “I bought half a dozen eggs.”

                “Comprei MEIA dúzia de ovos.”


Sock – “I lost my sock.”

                “Perdiminha MEIA.”


Six – “My number is six-seven-eight.”

                “Meu número é MEIA-sete-oito.”


Half – “Your ticket is half off.”

                “Sua entrada é MEIA.”


30 minutes – “I will see you at 12:30.”

                “ Te vejo as doze e MEIA.”

Now that you have learned some new vocabulary in Portuguese, try it out. Remember to book a free Portuguese lesson with me!

 Tchautchau – Daniel

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