Articles before nouns in Spanish


Today’s main characters are nouns. But what should we know about them? In Spanish, when we use nouns we need to consider the gender. It means that depending on the vowel at the end, they should be used with specific articles like “la” or “el” if the word is feminine or masculine respectively. So, what’s the rule? Generally, nouns that end in “a” are feminine, and nouns that end with “o” are masculine. Here are some examples:

Casa – house – “La casa”

Ordenador – computer – “El ordenador”


However, there are some exceptions very common in spoken Spanish which don’t follow this rule. Let’s study some of them:

Clima – weather 

clima ends in “a” – but should be used with the article “El” 

So we say “El clima” and not “La clima”


What about Poet?

Poeta – poet

we say “El poeta” and, not “La poeta”


And finally, the word agua which means water. 

we say “El agua” and not “La agua”



Do you any other examples? Please comment below and try your best to surprise your friends.

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