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Written by: Marie

Marie is from Cape Town, South Africa. She has taught English as a second language in a variety of settings, including a kindergarten, after school language academy (in South Korea) and at a world famous language school for adults in her hometown. She is able to help students of all ages and levels. She can help you or your child with English grammar, British or American pronunciation or any type of English test preparation. She especially enjoys Business English and IELTS preparation. She has seven years teaching experience with all ages, levels and nationalities.
It was the night before Christmas. The day started like they usually do in December- snow falling from the sky like mother nature wanted to bury our little town out here in Utah. Unfortunately I was more concerned with hiding from the two men chasing me through the woods than getting frostbite. A white Christmas is nothing unusual around these parts, but it sure was making it difficult to escape. A bullet whizzed past my shoulder and hit a tree to my right. Why did my mother force me to wear this colorful Christmas sweater? I stand out like a sore thumb in the white snow. At least the sun has set a few hours ago. This counts as an advantage and I just might make it through the night. 

How did tonight’s dinner party turn into such a mess?  We were having a great time and everyone had the holiday spirit. Even Grandpa smiled a few times. We affectionately call him the family Grinch. Mom was busy in the kitchen with preparing our dinner and my sister and I were decking the halls. The whole house was decorated with paper snowflakes, silver tinsel and mistletoe. It was the perfect setting to eat, drink, and be merry. We decided to change our gifting tradition this year and picked names out of a Santa hat. I’ve never really been a fan of Secret Santa, but the closer it got to Christmas, the more I started to like the idea. I drew my mom’s name from the hat and got her a set of new frying pans. Earlier in the year I bought her some new pots and she said Christmas has come early. I knew she would appreciate the pans as well. The plan was that she would use it to make us some pancakes on Christmas morning. I know that as soon as she opened that gift, her face would have lit up like a Christmas tree. I’m not sure if that will ever happen again.

The sound of glass shattering and a terrified scream from the kitchen interrupted a romantic kiss under the mistletoe between my husband and myself. We ran in the direction of the kitchen, just to be stopped in our tracks by a round of gunfire. My husband grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the front door to get out of the house. The rest of the family was nowhere to be seen. Where have they gone? Are they hiding in the house? What has happened to my mother? Thoughts raced through my head as we ran into the night. The last thing my husband said to me was, “Call 911 and hide…” and while I was fumbling to unlock my phone, he ran to the barn. Before I could make the call I stumbled over a fallen tree in the darkness and the phone fell out of my hand. As fate would have it, it fell right into a puddle of icy water. I glanced back at the porch and saw a large figure aiming a shotgun in my direction. I left the phone and hurried on. He was whistling “There is no place like home for the holidays” and I have never been more horrified in my life. I ran deeper into the woods looking for a place to hide. The bullet missed me by a couple of inches and I yelled out in surprise. Make as little noise as possible! 

Two more men joined the one on the porch and started to run in my general direction after Shotgun pointed to the woods. Have to move. Run. They are too close. I hear my husband shout my name. What are you doing? Trying to distract them or get yourself hurt? They stop running and look at the barn to figure out where the voice came from. It gives me a few seconds to get a head start. 





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